With over 60 years of history, the Mundinter Group, Portuguese-owned, pursues the goals established in 1953, and that inspired its creation: to develop and commercialize high quality products, aimed at improving health and to disclose guidelines concerning their features.

The company has the legal license for the commercialization of pharmaceutical and medical devices and is currently mainly dedicated to the commercialization of medical and hospital equipment in the following sectors: general hospital equipment (which we also produce), equipment and consumables for operating room, gastroenterology, consumables, cardiology, urology, neurology, and obstetrics, among others.
In 1965, Mundinter expanded its area of operation and extends its activity to the hospital furniture manufacturing, founding Fabrilar Company, which in 1993 changed its name to Hospiarte.

In 1990, with the development of globalization, Mundinter expanded their business, intensifying export activity to the PALOP’s (Países Africanos de Língua Oficial Portuguesa/Portuguese-speaking African countries). We export directly to Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, and Sao Tome and Principe.

In 2001, the company joined the universe of subsidiaries by the Orient Foundation.

In late 2015, a set of Mundinter executives acquired the position of the Orient Foundation through a process of Management Buy Out.

In Europe, we also work the Spanish market. We have been in Angola since 1996, with Mundinter Angola, where commercial, technical and support local teams study, develop and present the appropriate solution to the specific profile of each customer or health unit. Our Morocco subsidiary started in 2015 and we anticipate that country to open a logistics platform and hospital equipment assembly in 2016.

The Mundinter, S.A. (Portugal) has a dominant position in the capital of three companies:


Industrial Group Company, with facilities at Bombarral (Portugal), working in the field of mechanical engineering. It is equipped with a wide range of equipment which allows to run : 3D design, metal sheet cutting and bending, cutting and drilling by pressing, laser cutting, tube bending, CNC turning, robotic welding, MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and point-welding, galvanizing and lacquering.


Angolan company, founded in 1996, based in Luanda, operates in the importation, distribution and commercialization of medical equipment and devices. Based in Luanda, where it has an office, store and showroom. It also has  facilities for warehouse and equipment assembly in Viana. Since late 2015 we work in partnership with a pharmaceutical distribution company OMNIFAR Lda., covering almost the whole health area.


Moroccan company, that includes local social participation, operates in the importation, distribution and commercialization of medical equipment and devices. Headquartered in Casablanca, where it has an office, a store, showroom and warehouse, started his activity in 2016.


At Mundinter, Quality is the permanent search. We commit to critical analysis, adapting work processes and solutions offered to our customers, in order to ensure an excellent service in continuous progress.

To our customers, the pursuit of quality is reflected in the commitment to promote and offer all solutions that meet their expectations and needs.

The Board of Directors is committed to ensure compliance with the objectives that the organization pursues in the commitment excellence:
· Maximizing customer satisfaction level.
· Process optimization and information systems within the organization.
· Increased technical / professional level of our employees.

In this context Mundinter is a company with a management system according to ISO 9001:2008, certified by SGS Portugal S.A.  to ensure full customer, market, and quality requirements satisfaction in order to achieve competitive advantage.


The development and consolidation of our position in healthcare, providing products and medical equipment, training, technical assistance and advice to providers of health and health professional services suited to their needs. We search to specialize in certain areas and offer our customers integrated solutions and a differentiated and high quality service, assuming a role of partnership for the continued improvement of the quality of health services.


Our values guide the way we treat our customers, business partners and employees.We believe in:

  • Respect for people
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Orientation for business


Since 1953 we have put our expertise in the service of health, identifying business partners in different countries, according to the needs of the market and its activity.

We work to

  • Maximise the level of customer satisfaction.
  • Increase the technical and professional level of our employees.
  • Develop our activity contributing to the improvement of environmental performance.



Foundation of Mundinter – Intercâmbio Mundial de Comércio, SARL., by the partners: Albano Campos, João Santos, Manuel Guerreiro, César Tavares and Dr. Cortesão. Corporate purpose: Commercialisation of surgical equipment, poultry and livestock. Opening Mundinter store in Porto.


Opening Mundinter store in Coimbra.


Changing of the board of directors, Mundinter is now managed by a set of three directors representing the 3 main creditors of the company: Banco Português dos Açores, José Totta e Sociedade de Fazendas do Sul.


Opening of Mundinter store in Lisbon.


Creation of the company Fabrilar, dedicated to hospital furniture manufacturing.


Mundinter passes from SARL status for SA status.

The capital of Mundinter is dispersed on the stock exchange (secondary market) through a public offering operation of Sale.


The BES Bank assumes the management of Mundinter.
Intensification of export activity for PALOP’s (Países Africanos de Língua Oficial Portuguesa/Portuguese-speaking African countries).


Changing the name of Fabrilar to Hospiarte.


Constitution of Mundinter Angola, Lda.


MUNDIGERE, a company of the Orient Foundation universe, acquires 96.2% of the social participation of Mundinter.


Begining of the logistics modernization process in Angola and Portugal.


Modernization of Hospiarte, through the acquisition of new facilities.
Installation of an assembling unit of hospital beds in Luanda – Viana (Angola).


A set of Mundinter executives embodies an MBO process on the participation of MUNDIGERE.

Celebration of the partnership agreement with OMNIFAR in Angola.

The hospital furniture assembly unit is transferred to the Mundinter facilities in Porto Alto.


Foundation of society Mundinter Santé Morocco.

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